7 Easy Ways to Start Your Path to Minimalism

As a mother, and overall, a very controlling and somewhat OCD type personality, I found that minimalism brings me an overwhelming and wonderful peace. Like every author anywhere says, when you change what’s on the inside it ripples into your life on the outside, but that also applies the other way around. Taking these few steps will help you have just a little bit more of your life under control so you can take a deep breath and relax!

  1. The Best Memories Never Leave You. Why are you holding onto those papers from the 5th grade? Or better yet, why are you holding onto your clothes from your teenage years? Items don’t hold the memories. It’s the memories themselves that store all that you need. Realizing this has released so many items from my life. I sometimes come across as one of the least sentimental people out there. But in reality, I have a world of memories. Just ask me, and I’ll share them with you!
  2. Create a Room of Peace. Pick a room in your house. An office, bedroom, bathroom, basement, wherever. Then declutter that space before any other. This will be your room you can escape to when later decluttering seems a bit overwhelming, and can also remind you how happy a minimized space feels. For me that’s my bedroom. I have very minimal clothes. It’s a constant work in progress, but for me, to have only items I love to wear brings me WAY more joy than having many items to wear. I also keep one basket by my bedside table that holds the books I’m currently reading, my computer, notebooks, etc. And I don’t let my personal items exceed that. IMG_2469
  3. Envision Your Dream Space. Keeping a Pinterest board helps me do my best envisioning! It reminds me of what I really want my space to look like, and reminds me what my soul really needs. Most of which are pictures of plants and empty space. If you want to follow my ideas of minimalism my Pinterest is Molly Faye @metamorphosismolly ! Just keep your ideas condensed. Don’t get too carried away, because that’s what allows us to justify keeping all the unnecessary items around the house.
  4. Make the Concept of Minimizing Exciting! Buy those storage containers that are cute! Take joy in getting rid of those old clothes or under garments you know you should have gotten rid of a long time ago. Now, I’m not saying go buy more. I’m saying buy things that give everything a place! I got rid of my dresser and put my pants and under garments in baskets on the top shelf of my closet, and all my shoes fit in one plastic bin on the floor of my closet. Make it a challenge! Can you fit all your shoes into one container?
  5. Junk the Junk Drawers. We ALL have these. The collect alls. Go to your junk drawer and purge that thing. Most of what is in there is already trash. Clean that sucker out. Starting with one of the most random and obnoxious places in your house will make the other tasks somehow feel easier. If you can conquer the junk drawer you can conquer anything!!!
  6. Ditch the Decor. The truest hurdle to minimalism is getting rid of the extra little knick-knacks that hold no meaning, or just don’t go with what you envision for your home. This was my biggest struggle for so long. It hit me one day that I had to be honest with myself and just ditch the things that didn’t fit my atmosphere. Even if they held a bit of memories. Pass them onto family if they are heirlooms and then give the rest to a thrift shop for someone else to create their own memories with!
  7. Find Your Motivation. Why do you want to minimize? To find a sense of peace? Having guests to your home for a big event? Just wanting the clean space to host more? You’d be surprised how much motivation in itself will get you to get your butt moving! If you’re a naturally organized person then maybe you can create a goal sheet of what you want to get done each day. Or if you aren’t the most organized, setting reminders in your phone to get that task done or have your spouse or a friend nag you about it once in a while to get you moving! Just remember, no one can make the changes you want to see in your life except for you!


The path to minimalism is only as difficult as you make it. If it’s something you really want you’ll dive in head first and keep fighting for that sense of peace!

You’re Bigger than Your Demons

We all have those weeks…months…or sometimes years when we feel like a giant hippopotamus. Boy, let me tell you. I’ve been going through a lot since we’ve moved. Do you constantly find yourself unmotivated? Do you feel undeserving of love? Do you feel like no one could possibly understand what you’re going through? Do you always feel like the odd one out?

I can’t speak for everyone in the entire world, but it’s safe to say that most people at some point in their lives feel this way. Depression, bipolar, loneliness, addiction…they all go hand in hand and in some way shape or form you most likely have one if not all of those. I’ve never been diagnosed, nor do I intend to, but I feel pretty bipolar most days. My highs can get pretty high and my lows get very low.

The last two weeks I have been feeling like a hippopotamus. Giant, fat, tired, and pretty ugly. Anyone would, having just moved out to the middle of nowhere and having no place to go. No social engagements. We look at people on social media and think, “Man, they have the life.” They look as though they have it all together. They can do their make-up perfectly, hair is flawless, style is on point, etc. We watch their lives on apps like Youtube and think that is a true reflection of their lives and daily “struggles.” But as most people know, that obviously isn’t the case. In every glass house there is a room without windows. Normally a bathroom, or underneath it all is a basement. So even if you’re being watched 24/7, you have your moments that no one sees.

Now, I bring all of this up to talk about my day today. I went out to go shopping. I went to a retail store, when normally I go thrifting. But I wanted a pick me up. Just a simple blouse or something that would make it feel more like spring, since the weather has been miserable here. I’ve been minimizing my closet and trying to piece together the perfect capsule type wardrobe, so I went with an idea of what I was looking for. I quickly chatted up the sales associate, scrolled through all the white and light blue blouses, and found a hoard of items to try on. Something that hasn’t been so easy for me to do in the past few months. I’ve been feeling so desensitized by social media and have been asking myself what do I truly like. In the dressing room I look at it all and think, “Okay, where do I start?” Just moments before I had asked the associate to help me find a certain style of jeans. She then asked my size. Which no woman ever really wants to divulge. It’s like asking someone their weight. I quickly said a smaller size than I thought I was, but threw in that maybe I should try a bunch of different sizes just in case. She gave me a strange look and I gave an awkward laugh and said, “It’s been a while since I bought new pants.” My mistake for asking someone for help in the first place.

So, back in the fitting room I picked up the first pair of pants I saw, realizing they were the smallest ones. I winced about putting them on as I pulled them over my thunder thighs. One more button…and done. They fit….they actually fit. Oh dear Lord, someone help me because I may have a heart attack. They fit. (Moment of silence for this miracle please). I spent the rest of my time flying through everything in the room and riding a high of happiness when I found that everything I picked up was too big or baggy on me.

The biggest thing about this story is that my weight hasn’t changed. That number on the scale didn’t change. Companies sizes change. Fabrics change. I did nothing. This was a momentary high. But this little moment made me realize so much. That I could be happy with my weight! That I could be happy despite the circumstances. The rest of the evening I found myself dancing in the kitchen thinking about how thin I felt and loving how much energy I had. And when you boil everything down…NOTHING CHANGED.

We all have days, weeks, months and sometimes years where we feel like a hippopotamus. But let me tell you…that feeling…it eventually ends. Even if for a brief second. Even if only for one day. But let that feeling remind you, nothing lasts forever. Weight is just weight. A feeling is just a feeling. And the world keeps turning. We are our biggest road block in life. We can’t grow past our depression if we don’t get out of our own way. We can’t move towards happiness if we tell ourselves we can’t. You choose your path. You choose your future. I know this, because I’ve been there. I promise. Know others just like you ARE out there. And we have WON. Look at your loved ones and see what they see. You are beautiful. You are smart. You are strong. And you are worth more than diamonds. When you feel like you have won, yet you feel another low coming on, remember that people love you and that the world doesn’t dictate your happiness. No amount of clothing or possessions will make you happy forever. But there is a God who can. And he sent His son to die on a cross…for you. You’re that important.

7 Things That Have Simplified my Life

Over the last year I’ve been trying to branch out of my comfort zone. I made health a priority, learning, and even tried watching a new genre of television shows. And along the way I’ve implemented a few things in my life, either objects or routines, to make my life easier and to help me focus on the things that matter.

  1. Minimalism. I am not a minimalist. But I strive to be. My wardrobe is very minimal. I got rid of everything that didn’t fit, or that I hadn’t worn in a year. And every so often I go through my wardrobe and do it again and again. It helps me release this huge burden of clutter, and also helps me to pick out outfits with minimal effort. I also eliminated all of our dishes except for 1 item per person. Meaning, one bowl, one plate, one spoon, etc. We don’t have a dishwasher, and this made our lives a thousand times easier.
  2. Popsocket. Nuff said. No seriously. Makes using my phone super handy. No pun intended. It’s great for a kickstand, and also, because I’m the biggest klutz and it keeps me from dropping it about twenty times a day.
  3. French Press. I LOVE coffee. If you keep reading my blog posts you’ll see that will be a trend. I have had every sort of coffee machine, but this thing takes the cake. I don’t like the clutter of big machines and I’m the only one in the house who drinks coffee, so this is perfect for me. I also find that taking the time to prepare it in the mornings is so soothing for the soul. I honestly don’t see myself ever using anything else. So, thank you papa for buying me one two Christmas’ in a row, because somehow the first one broke.
  4. Natural Beauty products. If you haven’t tried natural deodorant…you’re seriously missing out. I NEVER have white marks on my shirts anymore, and I literally don’t have to sweat it about putting chemicals on my body. (Hahahaha, I’m so funny!) Also, I have so much love for Burt’s Bees.
  5. Going Plant-Based or Vegan. How has this simplified my life? Well, the biggest one, is that when I go to a restaurant, I have to get the healthiest thing on the menu. A lot of places normally only have one option, and instead of getting mad about it, I look at it as a great way to keep my choices healthier. Also, my favorite part is that I don’t have to cut up meat!!! I use to find that so disgusting and slimy. I was always terrified of getting salmonella if i didn’t scrub the life out of my cutting boards. And of course there is the easy part of grabbing an apple when I want a snack and not going for the bags of processed food. Give or take the occasional bag of Sea Salt and Vinegar chips.
  6. The Bible App. I have never been good about reading my Bible. I always felt like it was some sort of fortune cookie that whatever page I opened up to that was what God wanted me to learn. Which in the end felt wrong, so I stopped reading it altogether. But now I found the Bible app and I’m doing the Bible in a year read through. It’s changed my life. God showed me so many things that I put on the back burner in my life.
  7. Shopping at Aldi. Over the last couple of years Aldi has been changing for the better. I use to think it was such a weird place and almost impossible to find anything. Now, it’s my favorite place to shop. I can get an entire weeks worth of groceries for $80 dollars. And a lot of what they sell is vegan and organic!

If you struggle with leaving your comfort zone, I beg you to give at least one new thing a shot! It’s amazing to me the life I lead now. I wouldn’t have pictured myself using or doing majority of what I mentioned above. Now these things are some of my favorite things. Change is good. Growth is good! Let the Metamorphosis begin!!!