7 Easy Ways to Start Your Path to Minimalism

As a mother, and overall, a very controlling and somewhat OCD type personality, I found that minimalism brings me an overwhelming and wonderful peace. Like every author anywhere says, when you change what’s on the inside it ripples into your life on the outside, but that also applies the other way around. Taking these few steps will help you have just a little bit more of your life under control so you can take a deep breath and relax!

  1. The Best Memories Never Leave You. Why are you holding onto those papers from the 5th grade? Or better yet, why are you holding onto your clothes from your teenage years? Items don’t hold the memories. It’s the memories themselves that store all that you need. Realizing this has released so many items from my life. I sometimes come across as one of the least sentimental people out there. But in reality, I have a world of memories. Just ask me, and I’ll share them with you!
  2. Create a Room of Peace. Pick a room in your house. An office, bedroom, bathroom, basement, wherever. Then declutter that space before any other. This will be your room you can escape to when later decluttering seems a bit overwhelming, and can also remind you how happy a minimized space feels. For me that’s my bedroom. I have very minimal clothes. It’s a constant work in progress, but for me, to have only items I love to wear brings me WAY more joy than having many items to wear. I also keep one basket by my bedside table that holds the books I’m currently reading, my computer, notebooks, etc. And I don’t let my personal items exceed that. IMG_2469
  3. Envision Your Dream Space. Keeping a Pinterest board helps me do my best envisioning! It reminds me of what I really want my space to look like, and reminds me what my soul really needs. Most of which are pictures of plants and empty space. If you want to follow my ideas of minimalism my Pinterest is Molly Faye @metamorphosismolly ! Just keep your ideas condensed. Don’t get too carried away, because that’s what allows us to justify keeping all the unnecessary items around the house.
  4. Make the Concept of Minimizing Exciting! Buy those storage containers that are cute! Take joy in getting rid of those old clothes or under garments you know you should have gotten rid of a long time ago. Now, I’m not saying go buy more. I’m saying buy things that give everything a place! I got rid of my dresser and put my pants and under garments in baskets on the top shelf of my closet, and all my shoes fit in one plastic bin on the floor of my closet. Make it a challenge! Can you fit all your shoes into one container?
  5. Junk the Junk Drawers. We ALL have these. The collect alls. Go to your junk drawer and purge that thing. Most of what is in there is already trash. Clean that sucker out. Starting with one of the most random and obnoxious places in your house will make the other tasks somehow feel easier. If you can conquer the junk drawer you can conquer anything!!!
  6. Ditch the Decor. The truest hurdle to minimalism is getting rid of the extra little knick-knacks that hold no meaning, or just don’t go with what you envision for your home. This was my biggest struggle for so long. It hit me one day that I had to be honest with myself and just ditch the things that didn’t fit my atmosphere. Even if they held a bit of memories. Pass them onto family if they are heirlooms and then give the rest to a thrift shop for someone else to create their own memories with!
  7. Find Your Motivation. Why do you want to minimize? To find a sense of peace? Having guests to your home for a big event? Just wanting the clean space to host more? You’d be surprised how much motivation in itself will get you to get your butt moving! If you’re a naturally organized person then maybe you can create a goal sheet of what you want to get done each day. Or if you aren’t the most organized, setting reminders in your phone to get that task done or have your spouse or a friend nag you about it once in a while to get you moving! Just remember, no one can make the changes you want to see in your life except for you!


The path to minimalism is only as difficult as you make it. If it’s something you really want you’ll dive in head first and keep fighting for that sense of peace!

Why I Left Social Media Permanently

So, many of you may know that I chose to leave social media. I have deleted my Facebook account after more than a decade, I never liked Twitter, so that was a happy delete, and I just deleted my Instagram account which probably hurt me the most. I love Instagram, but it was just time for me to move on.

Now I’m sure plenty of you are asking, why not just temporarily deactivate them?¬† Well, because my self-control only lasts about a month. Maybe two tops. I am tired of feeling this “responsibility” to social media. I found myself spending most of my day with my daughters obsessively checking my phone and popping on Instagram and watching Insta-stories. This isn’t healthy. Nor is it natural.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. But for me it was unhealthy for my mind and overall made me feel bad about my appearance or what I had or was doing in life. For a lot of people social media doesn’t have such a hold on them. But for me it always held this stigma of showing how successful you were doing or show that perfect picture of how your day is going. I just can’t have a healthy platform on social media and be representing my real life in a real light. To me it all felt like a lie, or just made me feel like I couldn’t measure up to everyone else.

So, with that said, my blog is a place where I can be myself. I’m not promoting it on any platforms, and it helps me to de-stress and escape! I’d love to start blogging more regularly. Please let me know if there is something you’d like me to talk about!

Spice Therapy

Spice up your life! No, this isn’t a Spice Girls piece! However, I did hear they may be touring this summer and I will definitely be at a concert if that’s the case! However, this¬† post is about aromatherapy!

I woke this morning thinking about a product idea. All because I went to bed with a wax melt in my pillow case! I am a bit of an insomniac. So I thought, why not pop this thing in my pillow case and fall asleep to a beautiful cinnamon smell? I woke up this morning feeling happy and having had pleasant dreams. My first thoughts were, “How do I make this easier?” And “I want everyone who struggles with insomnia to sleep this well!” So of course the first thing I do is get on my phone and text my closest friends and family members and ask them about their favorite spices and scents. Here’s what I concluded:

  1. Coffee is everyone’s go-to, well every coffee lovers go-to.
  2. When it is a spice people tend to gravitate towards Cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin spice, etc.
  3. If it’s an herb people seem to like Cilantro or Oregano.
  4. Coconut is a staple for many people in their shampoos or body washes.
  5. Essential oils that seemed popular were Peppermint, Sage, and Citrus.
  6. Lavender was surprisingly not high on peoples lists. It did take me a while to like lavender myself, but now I love it.
  7. Lastly, you have the scents that spark memories. Like campfires, strawberries, rain, leather, lilacs, and snow. Just to name a few.

I think the biggest thing I learned about was how powerful smell can be. Just talking about it with people seemed to brighten their day, and had them reminiscing on old childhood memories. In general it seemed to bring a calm and sense of happiness. Which is really want I was going for in asking them! If only we can create more in today’s world that meets our senses. Create sustainable things sourced from the earth that give the biggest impact. Bottle the smell of freshly mowed grass. Fill our homes with the smell of Christmas throughout the year by embracing the power of cinnamon. Taking advantage of the good weather and seeing nature bloom for the spring! Most of all, feel that calm we get by using those senses to relax and feel room to breathe and grow.

So, I ask you, what are your favorite scents? Smells from your childhood? Something you could smell day and night and it would make you so happy? What is your spice therapy? Mine is Cinnamon!


8 Ways to Motivate Your Friends

There are days where I find myself sitting here thinking about loved ones that are struggling or ones that just need some encouragement to move forward in life. We all get stuck, and when we’re in the thick of it all we feel like we are alone and that nobody cares. Do you know that you can do something to help your friends in a bigger way than you ever imagined? Here are 8 ways to encourage and motivate your friends towards a happier day, week, or lifestyle!

  1. Tell them you love them! Plain and simple. We don’t hear the word love enough in today’s society. It’s crazy how many people seem unloving and cranky when we go out day to day. But giving your friend a quick call or text and saying, “Hey, I love you! I hope you have a beautiful day!” That shows them that you’re thinking about them and that they aren’t alone in this sometimes depressing world.
  2. Support them in their endeavors. This is my favorite way to show my friends love and encouragement and help them towards being more motivated! Do you have a friend that’s a missionary? Can you eliminate the price of your one coffee a week and send them $5 or $10 dollars? What about a friend that is an aspiring writer? Encourage them to keep going. Give them happy criticism! Not all criticism has to be negative. We beat ourselves up all on our own. Build your friends up. Don’t knock them down.
  3. Take action for them. Is there a project or something that they have been meaning to do around the house that they just haven’t gotten to because they are overwhelmed with work? Do it for them. It’s a free way to give someone a gift! Build that bookshelf. Clean their car. Offer to watch their dog or kid on your day off!
  4. Do a hard task with them! My biggest example in this is exercise. Is your friend working hard to lose some weight or have they changed their diet recently? Do it with them! It benefits you both! Who knew that losing weight could be so much fun when you do it with a friend!
  5. Buy them a gift. The go-to way of loving on someone. Send them flowers or chocolates. Or go above and beyond and buy them something that could really benefit their day to day. Do they have chronic back pain from sitting at their desk all day? Buy them a back massager. Or a better chair. Or even a gift certificate to a spa! Are they an inspiring Youtuber? Check out their Amazon wish list and buy them something that will help their channel!
  6. Go on a trip! Sometimes the best way to move forward is by taking a bunny trail along the way! As a creator or someone who is chasing their dreams you need the occasional escape from your own head space. Show them what it’s like to let go for a day!
  7. Have a pow wow. A sit down. A time to just talk through all their struggles, vent, and how you could help! I find this the most efficient way to figure out how to help motivate my friends. Or this is motivation in itself. Just being able to get all your thoughts out and get someones opinion is the best form of motivation in my book. It will give you the time to encourage them in what they are doing or thinking. Which in turn will give them the motivation to move forward in their actions!
  8. Take them on your journey. Are you a singer in a band? Do you have a friend that is a social media manager? Ask them to work with you! Let them be involved in what you are doing. I find that the best friends in life are the ones we will take with us no matter where we go. Do you have a giant platform and they are just starting out? Give them the boost they need by mentioning them in your post, video, or performance. You’d be surprised how much that will motivate them to further their goals.

In the end my biggest point is to love on the people around you. It never killed anyone to show someone kindness and appreciation. Love is the key to any door.

What Will You Create?

To quote Kid President on Youtube, “Do you want to be a boring person? It’s easy to be a boring person. Everybody can do that!”

How hard do you think about life? Do you have dreams that you’ve dismissed or that you’ve given yourself excuses to not run after? Why is that? We were all born with a heart for something. Or at least developed a heart for something over time. What is your something? I have many somethings.

If you are looking at moving towards your dreams and goals what is your first step? We all have to start somewhere. If you pursue anything enough you’ll reach your goal. How great that goal is all depends on how much work and effort you put towards reaching it. Steve Jobs didn’t make a mediocre business. He made a great one. If you strive for something smaller then it shouldn’t be viewed as small! For example, if you want to start a bakery you don’t set out with the mindset of having a few customers, you start with the mindset of having many. So that when you end up with a few you’ll find you met your goal and you may be dreaming of bigger things than before. Which can only propel you to work harder.

So, my simple charge for you today is to create something. Create something to further your dreams and goals. All you have to do is want something and let yourself have it! Don’t choose to be boring. Choose to be extraordinary!!!




How to Be More Productive

I find myself thinking about goals constantly. There are so many things I want to do and life is short and you don’t know what to expect. I can’t say I have just one big dream or goal in life. Do you? What are yours?

I dream of writing multiple novels, recording a children’s album, learning four new languages, making a Youtube channel and podcast. Just to name a few. But I tend to lose focus or get lazy and then before you know it weeks or months have passed and I’m not a step further towards reaching my goals. So, how can we be more productive? I’ve given myself certain standards and rules to live by that make things a little bit easier.

One of them is my new but old motto: Nothing is impossible, unless you say it is. I repeat this to myself often. I use to think I couldn’t do anything without a degree, certification, or lots of money. None of which I have. Don’t get me wrong. I went to college, but I dropped out after a year, because lack of funding and now I don’t want to put myself in debt just to have to pay it off for the next twenty years. There is a difference between being money wise and saying something is impossible. There are ways to be able to afford college, if that is what you want to do.

Another thing I do to be more productive is only treat myself to another cup of coffee if and when I’ve finished a project. For example: Finish and publish one blog post and you can have another cup of coffee. The most simple thing can be a way to be more productive. I do the same with snacks, second bowls of food, a glass of wine, etc. Can you tell my motivators? When I know I need to go running I start to do this as well. I reward myself after the fact with something. Like, “Good Job! Now have this cookie!” Not really, but a girl can dream right? More like an apple.

Other ways to be productive are the more basic methods like turning off your phone for a few hours or working somewhere you’ll be focused like your office, library, or local coffee shop. I also like to listen to Brazilian music like Joao Gilberto, some Carly Simon or classical piano. This helps me set a relaxed mood and atmosphere. I tend to have a better tone when I write and listen to these types of music vs. something like heavy metal. I guess if I was writing an angry piece that could be a good motivator!

Finding techniques that are a personal fit to you are key. Use the things around you, have family help, take a walk if with your dog if you’re stuck and can’t move forward. Whatever it is you’ll know what it is. If you want something enough you can have it. Chase those dreams and goals and never give up or think it’s impossible. The only person holding you back is yourself. I hope this has helped you view productivity in a helpful light. What are your tips on productivity? Feel free to mention below!